We just made Engineering Awesome.

Really Awesome.

Enginuity Consulting is a premier Civil Engineering consulting firm. We specialize in Site Design, conceptualization and permitting. Our team members know how to successfully design, manage, and finish your construction renovation or new development.

We’re tired of the same old same old. We utilize every resource at our disposal, we’re tech saavy, yet have one foot in tried and tested ways. Balanced, Value, Responsiveness.

Our Promise

100 Satisfaction
100 Quality
100 On Time

There’s talk, and then there’s action.

Guess which we do?

In an age of hype, slick presentations, and even slicker marketing, we let our actions do the talking. We’re straightforward, honest, and fair. How does this play out on your project? You get honest advice on what is actually required. No inflating the budget because we want to be busier, in fact we talk a lot of potential clients out of using an engineering firm or a service for what they think they need. We sleep better that way.


Technology doesn’t push us. We push Technology.

Enginuity Consulting uses tried and true methods, but we supplement them with efficient useful technology. We don’t just use it for the sake of using it. We understand it, mold it, and customize it to create our quality product for you.


It’s not just a buzz word anymore. What are the regulations? What’s practical? What’s approvable? We have the answers. Not only have we been doing it for years, we have LEED Certified, Licensed engineers who love BMP’s. Let us figure out the best options for your project.

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Have you sat in traffic and complained that there’s too much traffic? Have you lamented wasting up to 42 hours a year waiting in traffic (average for US Cities)? Do you think you can do it better?! Well you can! Kind of. Check out  Freeways, a new release from independent game maker Justin Smith. There’s […]

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Taking ideas from Mother Nature

Here is a great article from phys.org that talks about using biology as an inspiration for engineering. Materials science will only be able to take us so far, and it’s going to be the advent of using the materials we have and know how to work with in new ways that will help us create […]

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Cool Pavements

Los Angeles is experimenting with “Cool Pavements”. The concept is that there are large heat island effects that occur in urban areas. The dark surfaces from black tar roof shingles, asphalt pavement and other dark materials absorb more sun than their lighter counterparts. The mayors office is trying out Cool Pavements from a company called […]

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